I contracted with TopTalent Staffing in April 2014 to handle staffing needs for the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) SunRail Contract, where I serve as the General Engineering Consultant. TopTalent was tasked with staffing nearly 40 public relations specialists for the SunRail Ambassador Program, which involves a two- to three-month assignment in support of public relations/customer service for commuter rail operations on the SunRail system.

Top Talent was responsive to my specific needs and able to secure the necessary staff within a short amount of time. Moreover, the staff they identified were tailored to fit the needs and requirements for the position. This “hands-on” approach allowed me to focus on the critical aspects of the project and leave the staffing and administrative tasks to TopTalent staff. TopTalent exceeded my expectations in responsiveness, rates, staffing and overall service. I would highly recommend TopTalent to anyone seeking a temporary staffing firm.