Using TopTalent Staffing will save you time and money. Recruiting for the right candidate is not only a time consuming process, it is also a costly one.  Most companies want and need to focus on their core competencies — not wading through a stack of applications / resumes or posting costly ads. We do all the work for you. We will recruit from the proper sources, pre-screen candidates and check all background information. 

We recruit only the best candidates. With our specialized recruitment tools we maintain an extensive database of quality candidates that you may not be able to find on your own. All of our candidates go through a very rigorous screening process, including testing for the proper skills, interviews with our staff, reference checks, drug and background checks. Additionally, we use the U.S. Department of Homeland Security E-Verify program to determine U.S. work eligibility. You are only presented with candidates who possess the right qualifications for the job.

We offer specific cost containments programs, such as our Flex Staff Program, which gives you the opportunity to increase or decrease your workforce on short notice as needed. This is only one of the many programs we have available for our clients.

We are a locally based operation. We focus specifically in the Central Florida market. Unlike many national firms whose focus is on volume-based businesses, we offer outstanding, tailor-made, personalized service. Whether your needs are few or many, we realize our reputation is on the line with every candidate we place. Bottom line — we are here to serve you and become your partner.

Our Services:

Supplemental Staff

TopTalent supplies temporary workers to take the place of absent employees and provide a temporary person for a vacancy. We also place workers to staff through peak periods and seasonal operations or to increase the number of staff to assist with short duration projects. Additionally we provide workers for positions scheduled to be phased out due to budget cuts or reorganization.

Temp to Hire

Is a great resource that saves companies considerable time and costs incurred in the recruitment process. It allows companies looking to bring on an employee the ability to evaluate whether the candidate is a good fit for their organization. It helps determine if the worker has the skills, attitude, and if their career goals are in alignment with the company’s objectives. Temp-to-hire is wonderful when a company wants to see how an employee really works on the job without having to make that initial full-time commitment.

Professional Recruitment

Many companies want to hire a new employee on their payroll from day one. This is an excellent option for those job titles/positions where there is little availability of qualified candidates. All direct hire candidates come with a full guarantee.

Single Source Management (On-site)

High-volume staffing presents a host of complex challenges – challenges like escalating costs, ongoing personnel shortages and constantly fluctuating production needs. TopTalent makes volume staffing simpler. We have the expertise and experience to manage an on-site project. We can design a solution that will help you cut costs, improve retention, and maximize flexibility.

Flex Staff

Firms seeking to minimize costs might use flexible staffing arrangements. By using flexible staffing arrangements, firms can adjust staffing levels to fluctuations in their work load over the day, week, month or year and thereby avoid the need to always staff to their peak work load. This can help companies lower labor costs, allowing companies to make their organizations leaner.

Payroll Services

Our Payroll Service gives our clients the ability to recruit their own candidate then place them on our payroll program where we assume responsibility for payroll, taxes, and workers compensation costs. This program is ideal for a client who wants to create a probationary period to test the match of a candidate not currently employed. When a client is ready to hire their candidate from our program, they can convert the candidate to their payroll without any recruiting fees. If you choose not to hire the candidate you avoid all costs associated with termination.

Process Improvement Services

Improving work processes is another way we can assist our clients. We can help your company assess your hiring and staffing processes to assist in identify potential obstacles. We offer customized solutions to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.