Jeanine Tutone

Jeanine is currently the Staffing Manager for TopTalent Staffing. She is a native Floridian who was born and raised here in Central Florida, making the success of our local economy and staffing needs a personal one that she takes to heart.

Along with over 20 years’ experience in Customer Service, Jeanine has over 15 years’ experience within many diverse specialties’ in the Staffing industry. She has been able to bring new experiences and ideas to TopTalent Staffing. Some of those include: a revamped marketing program that includes new materials and expansion on our social media presence, an expanded customer service set of metrics to further measures and enhance the satisfaction levels of our clients, and an employee motivation program designed to retain and reward our best employees.

With all her specialties, Jeanine has opened the door to further opportunities for TopTalent to branch its current client base. With a strong safety background, she has been instrumental in the safety and training of our employees and clients, therefore ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for everyone.

Jeanine holds a degree in General Studies, however has found that the real world practices of her staffing positions has been the most fulfilling experiences of all. She is an accomplished public speaker, and is a member of the Toastmasters International.