Food Service – Cafeteria Seminole County Schools

Food Service – Cafeteria Seminole County Schools

Great part-time opportunity to work within the Seminole County School District

Must be able to pass background and fingerprint check per the Seminole County School District’s Mandated Policy.

Food Service workers needed for positions throughout the Seminole School district to clean, prepare, and serve various aspects of a school cafeteria.

Hours range M-F from 9am-2pm per week and are dependent on school location and school calendar.

Pay Rate: $9.31 an hour

Public Transportation does not run service to all County schools. Applicant should have own private transportation available to be able to work at those schools not on public transportation routes.


Responsible for the performance of duties assigned by the manager, including but not limited to: working in extreme temperatures, standing for extended periods of time, lifting up to 50 pounds without assistance, and operating commercial food service equipment, such as convection ovens, fryers, vertical cutter/mixers, and planetary mixers.

Responsible for the preparation and serving of the food, following proper meal standards, written standardized recipes / instructions, and portion control methods including but not limited to assemble menu items, wash/cut fruits or vegetables, slicing breads / meats, opening canned goods, mixing ingredients.

Responsible for all aspects of cafeteria cleaning including but not limited to: serving lines, work stations, service areas, storage areas, kitchen floors, kitchen equipment and tools, washing dishes and utensils and emptying refuse in the kitchen as assigned by the manager.

Perform set up duties including, but not limited to assembly service lines, stocking utensils napkins, and reviewing menus.

Perform cooking activities including but not limited to baking breads / desserts, steaming vegetables, baking meats / main dishes.

Perform serving activities such as filling trays, measuring & monitoring quantities of food served to adhere to state guidelines, maintaining temperatures.